The vacation ownership industry has many different names for the variety pf products that are being sold to individual consumers. A basic one week interval is commonly referred to as a timeshare interval. Whether you're selling one week intervals, biennials (every other year use), or any other form of vacation ownership, funding is available through Ward Financial for construction, acquisition, development, renovation and for receivables. Describe to Ward Financial the type of interval you are selling and we can describe for you how that project can be financed.

A growing segment of the vacation ownership industry is the popularity of fractional units. In this type of project the units are sold in increments of multiple weeks ranging from as little as two weeks of annual use all the way up to quarter shares (1/4 of the year). The type of fractional interval and its sale price has a tremendous impact on the type of financing that may be available to the developer to build the project, and the "end loan" financing that can be offered to individual buyers. Some fractions sell at purchase prices in excess of $200,000 and require sophisticated financing terms for that type of interval purchaser. Please contact Ward Financial for information regarding what financing terms are available for a fractional project.

A popular method to provide vacation purchasers with more availability than a fixed unit or a fixed time is the concept of a vacation club. This type of product provides the consumer multiple locations within a specific club system. Often times, a vacation club is combined with travel benefits giving the vacation club member specific services as an amenity to their purchase. Many developers in the industry think that the consumer paper for vacation clubs cannot be financed. Nonsense. Contact Ward Financial to access funding for vacation club receivables and inventory financing to acquire additional sites for dale to the vacation club.

Many of today's successful timeshare developers had their initial start by selling the traditional second home or recreational lot. Before the concept emerged of dividing up lots or units into "intervals", purchasers had no other choice than to buy a single home or lot. Many individuals overwhelmingly prefer this type of traditional ownership. If you are selling land to individual consumers for second homes or other recreational use, financing terms are available to provide to those purchasers. Attractive financing to purchasers helps close sales and reduces overall sales and marketing expense. Furthermore acquisition and development financing is available to assist the developer with the capital necessary to expand the project, build amenities, etc. For a description of specific terms available for second home or recreational land lots, please contact Ward Financial.

One of the mainstays of the vacation industry is the American love affair of getting out into the wilderness. Projects offering membership into campgrounds and parks with RV sites are popular within the vacation ownership industry. Camping facilities having a good location, quality amenities and quality facilities are attractive to buyers within many demographic layers. A membership gives the buyer the flexibility of visiting a home resort many times during the season as well as traveling to other locations through exchange affiliation. This type of vacation ownership is typically sold as a member ship and does not include a deeded ownership. Rest assured a developer can offer financing terms to membership buyers. Ward Financial can then convert those notes receivable into cash at very attractive interest rates. The proper structure can then result in a profit from the financing offered to those buyers. Furthermore, acquisition and development financing is available to expand the resort, build amenities and/or acquire additional sites. Please contact Ward Financial for more details on how receivable financing can be structured for campground and RV park developments.

Any resort offering memberships for the right to use the common areas and amenities is commonly structured as an undivided interest (UDI). Many developers incorrectly assume that since there is no deeded conveyance to a member that financing is not available. It is not necessary to have a fee simple title in order for receivable financing to be available to those individual buyers. Additionally, all forms of project financing for acquisition, development and construction are available for right to use projects. Contact Ward Financial to learn how financing can be available to help facilitate sales at UDI and right to use projects, as well as construction or development financing for the resort.

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