One of the critical factors that has contributed to success of the vacation ownership/timeshare industry has been the availability of construction financing to build a quality project. In the early days of the timeshare industry, financing was not available for purpose built projects. The lack of available funding could lead to incomplete projects. Ward Financial's construction loans are structured to provide all of the funding possible for both the construction of the project as well as appropriate capital necessary to initiate sales and marketing. Ward Financial will also design the financing to control the exposure of risk to you, the developer. Please contact Ward Financial to find out how construction financing can be structured for your project.

Funding is available for the acquisition of property sites and for the construction of timeshare projects. This acquisition and development funding is available for projects in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. The financing is individually structured to meet the needs of the specific project. Appropriately structured, am acquisition and development loan can minimize the developer's equity investment prior to initiating construction. Furthermore, it can be designed to minimize the developers debt exposure. Please contact Ward Financial for information regarding how an acquisition and development loan can be tailor-made for your project.

If every time timeshare/interval purchaser paid cash for an interval then receivable financing terms to buyers. Ward Financial will provide you the means to turn those receivables into cash and also show you how it can be an enormous profit center to you, the developer. As an experienced developer you may be paying too much for receivable financing and letting some valuable profit slip away. Contact Ward Financial Company for a current rate quote on receivable financing for your existing portfolio or for your new project.

A common method to convert consumer notes receivable into cash by selling the notes. This method can provide to the resort developer the liquidity that is necessary to cover operating expenses and ongoing sales and marketing expenses. Ward Financial can structure either sale of receivables or a hypothecation of receivables, and illustrate which program is most beneficial to the developer. The right structure will depend on the developer's goal to maximizing liquidity versus maximizing profit. There is considerable income to be realized through these consumer notes receivable. Contact Ward Financial so that we can walk you through the advantages of selling receivables versus hypothecating receivables.

If you have a timeshare project in mind but do not need construction financing and just need capital to acquire the units, then "inventory" financing is what you need. This "inventory" financing is available for projects located in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. An inventory loan holds the intervals during your sell-out period and amortizes at the same rate of the sale of the timeshare interval. Contact Ward Financial regarding the proper structure form an inventory loan and other funding possibilities for your project.

Several years ago funding for the development of vacation ownership projects and receivable financing was almost exclusively limited to U.S. based projects. Funding is now available for non-U.S. projects! Ward Financial has already obtained funding for timeshare resorts in Mexico, Canada, Aruba, St. Martin, the Bahamas, etc. Availability is not limited to those countries. Both construction and receivable financing are available for destinations throughout North America, the Caribbean and Western Europe. For more information contact Ward Financial Company.

Ward Financial's long standing association in the resort timeshare market has given them the ability to provide hotel financing for resort and non-resort hotels. Oftentimes, a vacation ownership project is coupled with hotel inventory for a mixed use resort. Please contact Ward Financial to find out what financing terms and interest rates are available for the hotel portion of your development

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